Exploring a spiritual awakening in a modern day world. Influenced by Buddhist Tulku Thondup's writings on emptiness is form and form is emptiness. The sound portion was preformed live using a carillon at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
A traditional Karesansui Japanese rock garden is transformed into a response to the environment and humanity. As the human ice form melts, the rock gently falls into the garden, reflecting transformation and enlightenment of the human spirit.
Inspired by his recent travels to Berlin, Pennington created Points of Life from the over 10,000 images he took at the Alexanderplatz, one of Berlin's most central plazas. The installation allows for an elegant encapsulation of the modern city: representing a larger abstraction of the community's energy while also highlighting individual figures and gestures.
The Aurora Project, is a celebration of immersive, explorative, outdoor and indoor art installations which showcases contemporary works in light, sound, performance, and projection art. The free event is the brainchild of artists Shane Pennington and Joshua King and The Dallas Art District's executive director, Veletta Lill. Modeled after the Nuit Blanche events which takes place annually in some of the world's greatest cities such as Paris, New York, and Montreal, and last till dawn.
This natural organic Bonsai tree with attached white synthetic appendage explores a modern day relationship between man and nature. Reflecting our foot print on nature and struggles to keep what is already perfect, perfect.