Points of Life

Within the context of the new Dallas City Performance Hall, artist Shane Pennington has created Points of Life, a dynamic digital artwork for the Hall’s unique LED curtain. By digitizing individuals and communal interactions, Pennington’s piece speaks to the vast, kaleidoscopic view of life in the moment while simultaneously referencing the diverse range of artistic disciplines and cultural influences that the Dallas City Performance Hall supports.

Inspired by his recent travels to Berlin, Pennington created Points of Life from the over 10,000 images he took at the Alexanderplatz, one of Berlin’s most central plazas. The installation allows for an elegant encapsulation of the modern city: representing a larger abstraction of the community’s energy while also highlighting individual figures and gestures. It is within this construct that Pennington shares a snapshot of collective life through the eyes of an individual, as well as the specificity of each culture, personal history, and perspective in every movement.